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Template Parts

Template Parts are the global layout parts used in templates such as Header, Sidebar, and Footer. You can create different template parts (eg. different headers) and insert it in different templates.

REMEMBER: When you edit a Template Part, it will update all templates automatically that referenced the Template Part.

To Create New Template Parts

  • Go to WP-admin > Themify Flow > Template Parts > Add New
  • On the lightbox, enter the name and click "Add"
  • It will redirect to the frontend Builder which allows you to design the layout


To Edit Template Parts:

  • Go to WP-admin > Themify Flow > Template Parts and you should see a list of all template parts
  • Hover over the template part name on the list and click either:
    • Edit = edit in backend mode
    • Edit on Frontend = edit the template using the frontend Builder


To Edit Template Parts Along With Template

  • Go to WP-admin > Themify Flow > Templates
  • Hover over the template name on the list and click "Edit on Frontend"
  • On frontend: double-click on the template part (note that template part has light-green overlay on hover) or click on the "pencil" icon


To Swap/Insert Template Parts

  • First go to a Template that you would like to change the Template Part
  • On the frontend: edit Template on frontend > then click the "swap" icon on the active Template Part module.
  • In the backend: edit Template > select the Template Part in the "Template Region" meta box.