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Flow Settings

To access Flow Settings:

  • Go to WP-admin > Themify Flow > Settings
  • On the Settings page, you will find the following options:
    • Favicon = Insert the favicon image URL. Favicon format should be ico, jpg, or png. (this favicon will appear on the browser tab icon).
    • Header Code = If you need to insert additional Javascript or CSS files in the <head> wrap, insert them here.
    • Footer Code = The code will insert in before the closing </body> tag. Example usage: use this to paste in Google Analytics code).
    • Responsive Design = Check this option to disable responsive design (once responsive is disabled, mobile devices will scale/zoom the page to fit in the screen).
    • Google Fonts = Choose to show recommended Google Fonts only or all fonts in the font list selector in Styling Panel. There are 600+ Google Fonts in the complete library. Showing all fonts will take longer to load the Styling Panel.
  • NOTE: This Settings page is plug-able by addons/plugins. If you see any additional options, it might be because of the addons/plugin installed on your site.