Flow + Post Type Builder

In our previous post, we talked about how using Flow and the Themify Builder as the perfect combo to design both your theme and content layouts. Now for this post, we’re going to talk about how we can use Flow with the Post Type Builder plugin to create a complete custom WordPress site that is tailored to your needs. As you may already know, most clients need more than just the default post types that come with WordPress (i.e. Post and Page). That’s why we built the Post Type Builder, an "all-in-one" plugin to create any custom post type with custom meta box, taxonomy, and post type template. The Post Type Builder has the ability to create any post type that you can imagine. From a simple post type, such as portfolio, to a complex post type like property listing.

The Post Type Builder plugin is powerful enough to create templates for the custom post types, but it can’t customize the theme templates such as header, sidebar, and footer. This is where Flow steps in. Flow not only allows you to design the header, sidebar, and footer, but also templates for custom post types. To demonstrate this, we’ve created a demo site showing different templates for each custom post type.

  • Movie Post = Right sidebar with 6 latest movie posts, static text box at the top, comments at the bottom.
  • Restaurant Post = Fullwidth no-sidebar with text box at the top and latest items at the bottom.
  • Property Post = Left sidebar with one featured property post, boxed post content with next/prev post link below and a static text box.

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