Flow Framework Updates

We may seem quiet on our blog recently, but we are actually working hard behind the scenes to further improve the Flow framework. There have been many improvements and new features added in the recent updates. These new features allow you to design more advanced and flexible templates, such as displaying post/page elements anywhere in the header, content, sidebar, or footer. So for this blogpost, we’ve decided to outline a list of all the changes and highlights with the latest updates.

Changes & Highlights

  • Added Category Image and Page Featured Image in Templates.
  • All module types are now available in Template Parts. This is particularly useful because it allows you to drop in any module in Template Parts (eg. you can have the Post Title in header, Post Meta in sidebar, or Featured Image in footer if you want).
  • As requested by a few users, a new "List Posts" module is introduced. It allows you to display posts from any category within Templates and Template Parts.
  • Another new module is "Template Parts". It is too display Template Parts anywhere within Templates and Template Parts. The purpose is to showcase the same piece of layout or content in multiple areas without having to add/edit it multiple times.
  • Modules are now rendered based on the page view (ie. page type modules will only render in pages). Lets say you drop in a Page Title module in the header, it will only display the page title when viewing a page.